Our Goal:

We aim to provide the ultimate comfort, pain-relief and safety for people who either drive for a living or simply enjoy long trips on the road!
Customer service oriented we are always there for you!

Every idea starts with a problem.

Ours was simple: Car seats are far too uncomfortable and unsafe. The idea came from a taxi driver who constantly had problems with his neck and posture due to spending a lot of hours driving each day. He looked for solutions but they either did not work or were far too expensive for him.

One day in his garage he decided to create a cushion that he can rest his neck on to ease the pain. He found that cushion to be quite comfortable and could not work without it any-more. 
The only problem was that it did not look appealing and was a big hassle to keep it in place.

One day he was stopped by this man in a suit and on the way to their destination he was asked:
Hey what is that behind your neck ?
He replied:
Thats my saving grace!
And later went on to explain what was the reasoning behind it.. Little did he know that the gentleman in the back was an Anatomy Professor from the University of Missouri.

The professor giggled and said:
You might have a great idea there!

And thats how it all began.. but this is not the end  this is only the start.

Tag along with us for the ride (said the taxi driver) 

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